Saturday, March 23, 2019

3/23 hodge podge

I have sat by the window doing almost nothing, all day. It is the first REALLY nice day and the kids have played outside with the neighbors for entire day. It is 6 pm and they've been outside since 10 am and I just counted 12 kids in our yard. TWELVE!

It is difficult for me to go about my business as usual when Emma is outside. She always stays with the other kids and she has had the best day playing with the older kids who do look after her, but I still can't do it because she is only 4 and four year olds are still just a little bit unpredictable. So, I've been reading, instagramming, a few things here and there,  and now...blogging...mostly confined to the living room and kitchen so I can watch them out the windows. But, they've all had the best day and I couldn't be more grateful for where we live.

One of those "here and there" things has been washing dishes this weekend by hand. Our dish washer blew up on Thursday and a repair man can't make it until Monday and I've learned how spoiled I am with a dishwasher! What a convenience. Seriously, how did we make it without?! I bought a big stack of paper plates, but the dishes are still overflowing. 😩

It is the eve of spring break week and my oldest child's birthday. Fifteen. We have no plans because of time commitments to his first job training (a lifeguard course) and dentist appointments for everyone, ha ha. So, I'm anticipating a lot of backyard basketball this week, lots of playstation bc I can't get Jackson away from it, and maybe a trip to a new park that opened up not too far away for the little 3. Also, I'm anticipating hundreds of dollars for the dishwasher repair and several hundreds of dollars for up and coming odds and ends, so....we broke. 😑

A year or so ago I thought I lost several hundred pictures of my boys when they were babies along with some various events I really didn't care that much about in comparison to the baby pictures. I've been combing different places on the look out for any pictures I could salvage BUT...a few days ago, I figured out how to recover them from an external hard drive that I thought was corrupted! True miracle.

Here's one of the pictures that I had been furiously searching for that I couldn't find from any previous blog/social media posts or picture albums. I cannot even convey how happy I was to find it! Triston at 2 days old..and now he is 15. Time is a thief.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

it's only been 3 weeks.

I found this unpublished post in my drafts. Not sure why it was never posted, but it deserves to see the light of day! Almost 8 years ago...I'll have to do an update post on our anniversary this year, 8 years later from when I wrote this one.

since it has been nearly three weeks, i suppose i should post about our 8 year anniversary. i get in a weird funk sometimes and i don't post about important events or outings. but 8 years is worth it's own post, yes? yes. we made it past the 7-year-itch, so i am calling our marriage successful. :)

i didn't want to post this picture for three reasons: the first is because travis looks really weird. the second is because i look really fat and my hanger thing is hanging out of my shirt. and the third is because it totally looks forced, which if my memory serves me correctly, it was. we were ready to walk right out the door and i said, "oh, but wait!" and, i swear we didn't look that bad when we went out. also, i had some smokin' dangly earrings on, too, that you can't even see. the photographer could have alerted that we were about to take a crappy anniversary picture, you know. :)


we celebrated at a favorite restaurant and had the most delicious dinner and dessert ever. but i always say that don't i? i can't help it, it really is the best ever right in that moment. we talked about all kinds of nothing, which is the best kind of conversation. and we talked about important stuff, too, like what will the next 8 bring. and i won't lie, i did some people watching, too. i just can't help it and since we were sitting in the bar and a game was on, travis was entertained a little, too.

in the last 8 we have:

moved x amount of times. i have literally lost count.
have had 4 beautiful wonderful healthy baby boys
survived law school
finally bought a house and settled in one spot
got a dog
survived an election (where t was gone everyday for 3 months from sun up to sun down)
made our marriage & family for time & eternity
have argued and made up probably more times than average
have had two gardens - 1 a dud and 1 a half-dud

Happy Anniversary, Love!


Emma, while she's in the bathroom: "MOM! I just washed my underpits!"

Nash, to Emma: "Hey Emma, go grab me a pancake" (They will eat them plain with nothing on them) and in response, Emma says, "Who do you think I am, your servant?!"

Four is just the best age. 😍

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

An Evening

If you were ever wondering what it's like at our house M-F 3pm-9pm throughout football and basketball season, let me help with that visualization, because this is pretty darn accurate most weekdays.

Triston has a game an hour something away, so I show up after school to give him a packed dinner which is just a turkey sandwich, grapes, pretzels, a cheesestick, a granola bar, and 2 bottles of water - gotta keep that that kid hydrated during 90 degree games! Tomorrow is grocery day and I am trying to use up whatever we have left over to feed everyone tonight, but it's hard to pack dinner for an hour long bus ride. Jackson has practice until 6.

I rush home to fix dinner and realize it isn't going to be enough for all the kids and Travis (Let alone myself! It's a big dinner salad full of vegetables and grilled chicken) to eat TWICE. Ha ha...because they are starving all the time. Dinner before practice, another dinner after practice! So, I stress about this for a few minutes and then remember that Travis bought spaghettio's the other day. I was grossed out at the time, but now it's sounding like a life saver! (And let me just add here: Travis and I just recently committed to trying not to spend any money on eating out. We've been tracking our spending and were appalled at how much money we spent last month on mostly eating lunch out, a few dates, grabbing a drink here and there at the gas station or starbucks, concession stands at all these games, ect. So while my first inclination was to think we can just run to Subway after all the practices/game because of how convenient it is ...I'm trying really hard to change that behavior!)

I feed the three little kids, help with homework, yell at Emma and the dog for running around like crazy while Nash is trying to read about chameleons...oh, I don't know...something like 5 times?!  And then finally make sure the two boys are ready for their practices. I make them drinks to take along and we rush to the next thing.

Here's where it gets fun.

I head to the school and as I'm passing Jackson, I roll down the window and tell him I need to drop Bryce off first. Luckily, Bryce and Jackson practice on the same field, just at different times. I drop Bryce off and pull around, pick up Jackson and we're off to the park where Nash's practice is held, which thankfully is really close to our house. I drop Nash off and tell the coach I just need to run Jackson home real quick since he is starving and hasn't been home since this morning. But, Nash is only 7! So I quickly run Jackson home and give him his salad and as soon as I set it down he asks if he can have something else, too, because he is SOOOOO HUNGRY. I say eat a Cliff bar and I'll make spaghettio's when I get home in 45 min. He has instructions to eat, take a shower, start on homework, and let the dog out. I run back to the park to watch Nash's practice. While I'm watching, I'm making a grocery list for tomorrow. He gets done and we head home, bc Bryce still has 30 minutes to go. Pick up just a bit, tell Nash to get a shower and we've got to head back to the school to get Bryce, except I cannot find my keys anywhere and I have to tell Nash TWO MORE times to GET IN THE SHOW-ER. While I'm rushing around the house, Emma is following me around telling on Jackson for doing something...I'm not listening, bc I'm panicking about not seeing my keys anywhere, so I have no clue what she's even saying. I told Bryce that as soon as practice was over to look for me because I would be there! He's been late a few times getting to the car... and now I'm going to be late! Gah, I find the keys!

I buckle Emma in and we head back to the school to get Bryce...only a few minutes late. (Does being late give anyone else major anxiety?!) We get home and I fix the spaghettio's and realize 4 cans isn't going to cut it...Triston is still going to be starving when he gets home from his like, 9:30. I find some pancake that's what he is getting after he tells me the salad isn't enough, lolololcrycrycry.

There are a million things I could have done earlier in the day to make this evening easier on myself, but it was just one of those days. We planned for Travis to go to Triston's game out of town so I knew I was solo tonight. I could have put something in the crock pot instead of grilling chicken at 3:30. I should have made homemade bread with that salad as a filler ---it's a rookie mistake, plus the kids love it with dinner or as a snack! I could have the kids eat cereal or PB&J as an after practice snack but we have been POUNDING the peanut butter lately because it's easy and healthy and gives the boys some quick energy and calories. So they're kind of tired of it and I'm tired of smelling it, ha ha.

Ok, who is ready for bedtime?! Let's do baths/showers and brushing teeth and picking out clothes for tomorrow and...


Post Edit - I got the three littles in bed by 9 pm and came down to see Jackson eating a bowl of cereal with freaking nesting measuring spoons....because all our spoons are dirty in the dishwasher that isn't running yet and he didn't want to wash one. AAAAAARRRRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! Now to clean up their kitchen mess, make chocolate chip pancakes, and finish that grocery list....with looooottttttttssss of extra snacks!

JV won 22-0! Let's go MV!

Monday, September 3, 2018

What I Want to Remember

Gahhhh. These days are going by at lightening speed. I always have intentions of recording more and then...I just don't. So, right now this is what I'm choosing to remember:

Triston is navigating high school like it ain't no thang. He is getting up every morning for seminary or for early morning practices every week day, without complaint. Getting straight A's in his classes and starting JV football. He even got a few minutes in the V game the other night. We are so proud of his efforts. I have always said that Triston is so independent and as a toddler it was a lot to handle, but I can see how it will pay off for him as he gets older. #10

Jackson is at a difficult stage. The preteens! We're dealing with lots of complaining from him lately, but we are encouraging him everyday to change perspective and find the good in it all. He is so funny, also working hard in football #18, and also getting straight A's in school. His braces cause are a big source of frustration for him. We're thinking he has less than 6 months left with them on! Hooray!

Bryce is mr. nice guy. Everyone loves Bryce in his class and I've seen him go out of his way to be kind to others. He has finally started reading because he enjoys it instead of me making him. This summer he was to read 8 books at his reading level from his school and at first I had to really get on to him about doing it, but by the end of the summer he was doing it on his own. I think something stuck! (Parents, don't give up!) 5th/6th grade football just started for him and he is really loving it, #9. Bryce has struggled with getting all A's more than the older boys have but he seems to be a little more focused on it this year and so far, he's earned it! He is officially out of all super hero stuff, although he still likes the movies. I always think the end of that phase is just a little sad. Booo.

Nash is starting to read on his own! Everywhere we go, other kids are always shouting out to Nash. He is very well liked by his classmates and teachers. He starts flag football this coming weekend and he says he isn't excited, but I know once the game starts he will love it. I've always said that Nash's moods are either pure sunshine or the darkest storm cloud...and that's holding true. He gets a lot of our prayers, ha ha

Emma is turning four in a week and is busy planning her own party, making sure to tell me all the details she wants. I finally told her she had to pick a theme and stick with it and she picked unicorns. I'm not talking about it with her anymore and I'm hoping to surprise her on her actual birthday! She is very into hair and Barbies right now. She loves storytime at the library, making crafts, and oh my goodness is obsessed with all things Halloween. She's anxiously awaiting its arrival, ha ha

Life is good.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

iPhone Dump

career day: undercover police man (no costume!) and a basketball player

walk a thon at Bryce's school

Nash made the front page!

Dabbing during the walk a thon

Duke finally got his manhood taken

 Nash playing soccer this spring

Emma and I wore almost the same dress by accident!

Triston and Jackson running together. Jackson actually has a broken foot here that we didn't know about!

Nash brought me flowers for Mother's Day from school!

Triston's last day of track...he ran a 5:15 mile

Jackson having fun at conference with that broken foot

Last day of track

 we found a DIY dog wash, Duke loved it!

our little garden!

 Emma's art

Almond Joy cheesecake for my 35th birthday

Happy Birthday Nash!

Nash turns 7

Emma got a special delivery from her dad on VDay

 Carousel ride over spring break in STL

Spring Break (it was freezing)



 Love that bed head

Her first egg hunt

she won a prize egg!

Disney on Ice with cousin Josie

Happy Birthday Triston!

Celebrating at his restaurant choice - Zuki

First day of spring break! ha ha!
Egg hunt with just my girly

Sometimes I Make Good Food

I am positive that there is a more user-friendly platform than blogger. I only go back to this space because this is what I learned to blog on and when you are 35 it's hard to learn new things. (ummm...lightbulb: maybe i should not preparing for nursing school?!) Anyway, of course learning new things is not hard but in the tech world it seems hard. Ya know? can my three year old work my iPhone better than I can? Or, why do I have to summon my teens to figure out iTunes? Tale as old as time I guess? I do remember helping my parents hook up a VCR so that we can still get cable and use it without having to unhook stuff in the back, so yeah, I guess it's a thing.

Anyway...all I'm saying is that there should be a blog platform that I should be able to download all my iPhone pictures into my computer so that I can load them on this blog without having to hook up said iPhone and wait a bazillion years for them to load.  (And if that exists - don't hold out on me!)

And all that aside, here's the important part: I made these vegetables and are blog worthy (which...can we chat for a second? "Blog worthy" anything sucks. Like, why am I trying to act like the grocery store pizza I made my family eat last night isn't also "blog worthy". I personally believe social media has done more to alienate and cause anxiety than any other thing out I don't even know why I even typed that my vegetables were "blog worthy". They were just pretty. And delicious and needed to be shared. And that's just a whole other thing that should be talked about more, especially on blogs or instas or what have you. Because sometimes we ALL make amazing recipes, or go on amazing vacations, or look amazing, or did something AMAZING...but we ALL also suck sometimes, too, and that's totally fine. So, let's just all remember that.)

Vegetables. Here they are:

Butternut squash and Brussel sprouts generously doused with salt and pepper and roasted in a 375 degree over for 40 minutes. Here's the fun part: I drizzled honey over the top. I should have added an onion to this mixture, too. I knew it when I was making it and just didn't do it and when they came out, I thought again, "I should have put onion in this" and then when I tasted it, I definitely knew it was true. But, hooray for new vegetable combinations and an entire meal that everyone ate without any complaints!

That'd be mojito lime chicken with black bean salsa, jasmin rice, and those rad vegetables. And that whole dinner came about because of my sweet little mojito mint plant, which is a post for another day.

Now, I'm taking my kids to get blizzards and ps. one of my favorite bloggers Hey Natalie Jean is back after two years and how fun! Are blogs coming back?! Sign me up!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Cinnamon Apple Pan Seared Pork Chops

This was good! I planned to grill pork chops, which is always a gamble for February, but since there was an actual layer of ice on our grill...pan-seared was the way to go. And that sounded kind of boring to me, so I tried to come up with some pizazz to jazz up plain 'ol pork chops. And let me just tell you what is most definitely not a gamble for February:  warm sautéed cinnamon apples. All the pizazz.

Here's how I made it.

Mine were thick so I butterflied them beforehand and sprinkled generously with salt and pepper. I cooked over med-high heat until cooked all the way through, maybe 6-8 minutes on each side. I had a large batch to cook, so to keep them warm I placed them into a glass baking dish in a low heat oven until ready to serve. While the pork chops were staying warm, I made the apple topping.

3 TBSP butter, or less
3 apples, thickly diced
1 onion
2 TBSP brown sugar
1 TBSP cinnamon
splash of apple cider vinegar

I sautéed the apples and onions in the butter until soft, approximately 5-6 minutes. Then I added just a splash of the vinegar. If I had to guess, maybe 1/4 cup.  Toss to coat. In a separate bowl, mix the brown sugar and cinnamon together and add to the apples. With a spoon, thoroughly coat all the apples and let them cook another 5-8 minutes. The cider will thicken just slightly. Spoon over top the pork chops when ready to serve. Holy cow (pig?!), it's delicious. As pictured, we had sweet potatoes and green beans on the side.

Of course our dinner conversation was Nash trying to convince Emma that she was eating pig. Nash kept saying "Pigs give us bacon, sausage, pork chops, ect" and Emma kept responding with "Pigs can't give us anything...they don't have hands" like..."DUH". It just drove Nash nuts that she wouldn't believe him. ha ha haha hahahah. 3 out of 5 kids liked the apples, so I call this one a success. The 2 that didn't just ate their chops with bbq sauce.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

iPhone Drop

This terrible thing happened a few years ago: Somehow, the separate computer storage thing I used to keep our family photos in malfunctioned. I can't even remember the name of it...but, it's like a separate hard drive. Like a portable one, ya know? My point is...I had one, full of pictures from the time Triston was a baby - our move and time in Florida - Jackson's birth and baby pics - Bryce's birth and baby pics - pictures of the boys when they were little together - our time in Brown County - holidays - ect. The digital age was still something of a new thing at that time, so I wasn't printing anything out. By the time Nash was born, I was posting to Facebook and then when Emma came along, Instagram so I didn't lose anything from that time period...but c'mon. This is the stuff mom nightmares are made of.

But, I was consistently posting here at the time so all is not lost! Certainly, a lot still is...but like I said in the previous post, I'm so glad that blogging was a thing and I have lots of little stories with pictures to go along with them that I really cherish.

So, iPhone drop it is! These are somewhat out of order, but a few highlights from 2017.

Christmas 2017

Halloween 2017 (the first year Triston wasn't with us bc of Basketball. He didn't mind :) )
Trick or Treating with the cousins

Bryce turns 10!

Jackson turns 12!
Emma turns 3!

1st Day of 8th Grade

1st Day of Middle School (6th)

1st Day of 4th Grade
1st Day of Kindergarten (Look at that baby face!)

Washington D.C. trip in June

4th of July in Owensboro and at Mamaw & Papaw's

Nash turns six!

Triston turns 13!
Visiting New Orleans on Spring Break
Lots of hiking throughout the year!

Visiting Nana and Grandaddy in Bay Saint Louis, MS
We got a puppy in February! Duke the Doodle. He's huge now. 

 2018 is already proving to be just as wonderful!

iPhone Dump 2019

In January, boys 7th grade took home conference championship Disney on Ice with Emma  Pretty meager winter, we...